Badge Meaning

Verified Artist

Red Flag

  • A Red Flag for artists represents a warning, meaning it could be a plagiarist and NOT the owner of the NFT's created, the artist account is blocked until artist contact the DaVinci community team to clarify the reason.
    ⚠️ Disclaimer: daVinci is NOT responsible if you buy from artists that get red flagged - you should always do your own research before buy! Even if the artist is with a Verified badge. Some tips to check if artist is an impersonator or not: -Check if the image is available online using reverse image search: -Social accounts are older that 3 years, and makes reference to daVinci and the artist art. Inappropriate Behavior:
    ❌ Impersonators with bad intentions will be banned / red Flagged ❌ Any fraud attempt will be banned / red Flagged ❌ Stupid mistakes get temporary red flag badge ❌ Bad intentions will be red flagged ❌ Excessively gross stuff, snuff porn and illegal stuff will be red flagged

VINCI Golden badge (internal staker)

  • Artist owns more than 1000 VINCI tokens (VINCI tokens can be purchase in sushiswap)
  • All NFTs from VINCI staker will be shown on top of the explore page
  • Daily minting cap: 10 NFTs
  • VNL rewards Monday 0:00 UTC
  • User to be eligible fot the Golden Badge need to press the "stake" buttom on VINCI page