$VINCI Token
The HRC-20 governance and utility token for DaVinci Gallery.

Why Davinci.Gallery?

The Launch of DaVinci Gallery represented a paradigm shift in the NFT space on Harmony. The concept of bringing a low cost, frictionless platform for both artists and collectors was and remains an extremely ambitious goal.
Since their explosion in popularity, the conversation surrounding NFTs has centered primarily around two talking points:
  1. 1.
    The artist can own and control their art and its distribution for the first time. Enfranchising millions.
  2. 2.
    The environmental impact of NFTs minted on POW(Proof of work) chains, and our responsibility to protect our planet.
DaVinci Gallery launched on Harmony mainnet allowing, for the first time:
  • Artists to mint unique NFTs for a fraction of a penny on a POS chain; an industry first
  • Collectors to purchase and resell NFTs in seconds, avoiding the costly “Gas” fees associated with POW (proof of work) networks like Ethereum.
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