daVinci Marketplace & Harmony Protocol
The daVinci marketplace is a NFT marketplace that supports the creation, buying and selling of NFTs (Non - fungible tokens) minted on Harmony blockchain. That means ONE, the Harmony native token, fuels all transactions on daVinci´s platform, in contrast to Rarible or OpenSea that use ETH.

Benefits of Harmony ONE vs. ETH based platforms.

  • NFTs minted on Harmony cost less than 0.01$ - 0.001ONE , with EPoS (Effective Proof-of-Stake) consensus algorithm, requiring 99% less energy use than PoW. Ethereum case is the opposite, 50-100$ approx. for a transaction with PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus algorithm, which required a lot of computational power. Climate activists have RED FLAGGED ETH 🚩, specifically, in order to power the data centers that sustain the blockchain they are spending a lot of energy. In daVinci, the entrance barrier for newcomers is much lower, giving every single person the NFTs creation possibility, and we can call it “Green” ♻️ for the environment.
  • On the Harmony blockchain each block is signed each 2 sec. time, so the transaction in daVinci´s platform as a user experience is like using a VISA.
  • Comparison between Harmony and other crypto blockchains.
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